Doors: Paradox

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Discover Hidden Realms

Prepare to be whisked away on an extraordinary adventure in "Doors: Paradox." You, alongside the charismatic time-travel guide, Zula, will leap through mysterious portals, each leading to a new, mesmerizing world. From tranquil forests to lush desert oases, and even glimpses of the future, every door opens to a realm filled with wonder and intrigue.

A Puzzle-Enthusiast's Dream

Each door presents a unique puzzle, ranging from simple to mind-bendingly complex, designed to challenge and delight puzzle aficionados of all skill levels. As you progress, collect ancient scrolls that piece together the lore of this magical world. Accompanied by a captivating soundtrack that perfectly complements each realm, your journey through "Doors: Paradox" is an experience that engages all the senses.


  • Visually Captivating Levels: Explore 58 door-o-ramas across 13 distinct and beautifully crafted realms.
  • Mind-Twisting Puzzles: Test your wit with a diverse array of puzzles, each uniquely challenging and satisfying to solve.
  • A Story of Mystique: Gather scrolls to unveil the ancient and mysterious narrative of the Doors world.
  • Enchanting Soundtrack: Immerse yourself in the adventure with a magical soundtrack that harmonizes with every step of your journey.
Available until 09 February 2024! Click here to claim Doors: Paradox


Published 02 February 2024

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