Answer the Match 3 Call of the Ages!

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What is Call of the Ages about?

Call of the Ages is a Match 3 style video game adventure! In it, you travel through time in order to prevent an incoming apocalypse by restoring the balance to the cosmic calendar.

The story of this game might sound a bit dramatic, but it serves as a great way to justify the different locals you will end up visiting. Other than a game, this is also a way to visit different important moments in the history of humanity, especially the artistic history.

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Collect artifacts with Match 3 gameplay!

In terms of gameplay, this is mostly a by the book rendition of the Match 3 formula. In this iteration of the genre, you want to collect pieces of artifacts that are scattered on a stage. You can move all tiles around, but your goal is to get the pieces to the bottom of the stage.

To do so, you have to match three or more identical tiles with each other to make them disappear. If you cannot make a match, you cannot move the tile. Making matches of more than three tiles not only awards you with more points, but also fills a special meter. Once full, you can click it to destroy multiple random tiles on the stage; handy for when you get particularly stuck.

Beyond this, you can also find other useful power ups on the different stages, however much like the artifacts you have to get them to the bottom if you want to use them.

Fortunately you can keep them when you finish the stage, as opposed to the meter, so use your resources wisely. These power ups come in the form of different explosives, and can help you clear a large area of tiles in a single go. You should keep an eye for the preview animation they make before using them, as to choose the best place to make them blow.

Various Match 3 hazards that get in your way!

While there are plenty of things to aid you on your journey, there are also plenty of hazards. This is where the main increase in difficulty comes from. The way you solve these hazards is the same as everything else: by making matches.

How you need to go around making them is the key difference. For example, you have the chained tiles. These tiles will not move and have to be matched first in order to clear the chains. Fail to do so, and they will block tiles from falling below them, not allowing you to make any more matches.

Considering that your goal is to reach the bottom of the stage, this can be quite problematic.

Interesting time travel plot!

In this game, something called the cosmic calendar was broken into pieces, and you must go around time and space to find them.

It is unclear how it broke, or why where the pieces scattered through time, but by the end it all slowly comes together. Not even the identity of the main character is known as you first start the game.

At the beginning of the game you start in America just when the colonizers were arriving, yet afterwards you go to the Renaissance times in Italy. And if you were not keeping track, that happened before the American settlers.

With this in mind, it is understandable then that the art style aims for a more solemn look, with some information about the areas you visit as you travel. This is shown via short cutscenes each time you make a transition, explaining the importance of the area you are in and what object you are specifically after.

These scenes have the added touch of having a voiced narrator, which really helps get one into the story.

Enjoy the game absolutely free!

Call of the Ages might not be looking to remake the wheel with its genre, but with such a solid foundation one rarely has to do so. With educational yet entertaining visuals, this game has a bit for everyone, and certainly a fun gameplay loop to keep one hooked.

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Published 31 January 2024

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