Satiate Yourself in Hidden Object Supernatural with Demon Hunter 4: Riddles of Light

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What is this game about?

In Demon Hunter 4: Riddles of Light, you'll join the Demon Hunter on another pulse-pounding adventure. Using your keen eye for detail and solving skills, you'll scour intricately drawn scenes looking for hidden items to advance the story. But beware - evil is lurking around every corner! Can you outwit sinister enemies and crack the case? Sharpen your detection abilities for this supernatural detective game like no other! The fate of the world is in your hands - will you find the Riddles of Light?

Though the story explores grim themes, colorful visuals help objects stand out without looking childish or blended into the background. With a grounded art style that could feel at home in reality, supernatural forces are all the more unsettling yet exquisite when they do appear. Among Windows 10 games seeking hyper-realism or vivid hues alone, this title shows that substance in story and balanced, realistic design can be just as impactful as technical fireworks or brightest palettes alone.

Characters are also detailed and well made, and even animated. While they are 2D renders, the simulation of movement is fluid enough, and the voice acting helps with the immersion. There are also plenty of animal characters with their own distinct sounds. While not full fledged characters on their own, they do add flavor to wherever you find them.

This new installment in the series continues to add plenty of fully animated cutscenes, and even animated characters in the backgrounds. This is quite a step up for this sequel and also make for a great horror game.

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The story picks up some years after the last entry in the series, but if you have not played them don't worry, since this is a more self-contained story. The most relevant part is that your bloodline is one of ancient demon hunters fated to battle the forces of darkness forever more, and you are always aided by some magic or mystic item. In this case, it is the gauntlet of Horus, an ancient weapon designed by the god of light to fight his darkness counterpart, Set.

The game starts with you researching the gauntlet with your aunt, when suddenly you receive a strange package at your front door. It is from a fellow researcher and it has a video message on a throwaway phone from him, warning you from impending danger. The package also contains the very weapon you are looking for, or at least part of it; the upper part of the gauntlet. You must now journey to Egypt to uncover what is really going on.

Gameplay wise, this follows the basic gist of the genre. The areas are divided into sections, and each one has plenty of objects to collect, and plenty more that need to be unlocked. You do this by getting the right object for the job, or solving a puzzle to get it. Sometimes you have to do both. You keep trying to match the object with the interactable area until you unlock a new section. Some objects can be combined with others, while other objects need a set amount before they can be used.

The puzzles you need to solve are very varied and challenging, and if you get too stuck you can wait for the skip button to charge so you can move on with the story. How fast said button takes to charge depends on the difficulty setting chosen at the beginning of the game, which is also the case for the hint button that tells you where to go next in general gameplay.

One of the recurring puzzles is the list, where you are given a list of items to find in a very cluttered scene. You just need to click the item listed on the list, yet some of them might require more interactions, like opening a drawer. Your reward is a single item to use elsewhere. Sometimes, especially as the story progresses, these areas can be revisited to gain other useful items, so keep in mind where you found them.

All of the puzzles seem to be very well connected in this entry, with very little space left over for useless items. Even on the list type minigames, the things you are looking for relate to one another and help you find the real item you are looking for. Immersion is on an all time high on this one.

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Demon Hunter 4 is a fantastic game of the genre, with a story mixing exploratory adventure and paranormal investigation in a masterful way. The true intent and identity of the deities will have you after their trail for the whole duration of the game, and it is quite the entertaining journey indeed.

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Published 01 February 2024

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